Malpensa Airport, Milan , Italy

Milan–Malpensa Airport (IATA: MXP, ICAO: LIMC), formerly City of Busto Arsizio Airport, is the largest international airport for the Milan metropolitan area in northern Italy. It serves 15 million inhabitants in Lombardy Piedmont and Liguria. The airport is located 49 kilometres (30 mi) northwest of central Milan, next to the Ticino river (dividing Lombardy and Piedmont). The airport has two terminals and two runways as well as a dedicated cargo terminal.

In 2015, Malpensa Airport handled 18,582,043 passengers; it is currently the 29th busiest airport in Europe in terms of passengers. Until 2008, Malpensa Airport was a major hub for flag carrier alitalia. Malpensa Airport, together with Rome Fiumicino airport, remains as the busiest Italian airport for international passenger traffic, freight and cargo. It handles over 435,000 tons of international freight annually.

The first industrial airport was opened in 1909 near the Cascina Malpensa, an old farm, by Giovanni Agusta and Gianni Caproni to test their aircraft prototypes. This airport was then opened for civil operation in 1948 during the war reconstruction period, in order to serve the northern area of Milan.

Milan Malpensa Airport ,  has a runway length of 12861 feet and is suitable for Small props, Small Jets, Medium Jets, Long Range Jets, Regional Airliners and Large Airliners.

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Malpensa Airport, officially known as Milano Malpensa Airport, is the largest international gateway in Northern Italy and serves the cosmopolitan and fashion-centric city of Milan. Strategically located approximately 49 kilometers northwest of central Milan, near the town of Ferno, Malpensa operates as a crucial hub not just for Milan but for the broader Lombardy region.

The airport is situated amidst the verdant Italian countryside, an area that blends modern infrastructure with the rustic charm of Northern Italy. Malpensa is well-connected to Milan via the Milano-Varese highway and has its own dedicated railway line, the Malpensa Express, which offers efficient transfers between the airport and Milan’s city center.

Malpensa Airport is divided into two major terminals: Terminal 1 is dedicated to commercial flights, offering a wide array of services, shopping, and dining options that reflect Milan’s reputation as a global capital of fashion and design. Terminal 2 primarily serves low-cost airlines and has recently undergone significant renovations to enhance passenger experience.

The airport’s architecture melds functionality with aesthetics, featuring sleek lines and glass structures that allow natural light to flood the spacious interiors. The runways at Malpensa are capable of accommodating the largest passenger airliners, reflecting the airport’s role as a key international and intercontinental hub.

A significant feature of Malpensa is the Volandia Aviation Museum, located adjacent to the airport, which celebrates the region’s rich aviation history and is a popular attraction for both aviation enthusiasts and curious travelers.

Malpensa serves as a testament to Italy’s commitment to marrying their rich cultural heritage with the demands of modern, international travel, all the while providing a gateway that mirrors the sophistication and dynamism of Milan itself.

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Indicative prices for popular helicopter destinations out of Milan ‘Malpensa’ Airport

From/To Flight Time Shared Rate From/To
Milan ‘Malpensa’ to Courchevel 50 min EUR 3.040,00 € N/A Courchevel to Milan ‘Malpensa’
Milan ‘Malpensa’ to Val d’Isere 40 min EUR 2.955,00 € N/A Val d’Isere to Milan ‘Malpensa’
Milan ‘Malp’ to Sion + Zermatt 50 + 15 min EUR 3300 + 1415 N/A N/A