Lecce Air Base Airport in Italy(1)

Lecce Air Base, also known as Galatina Air Base, is a military airfield operated by the Italian Air Force (Aeronautica Militare Italiana). Here are some of the key characteristics and details:


  • It is located near Galatina in the Apulia region of southern Italy, close to the city of Lecce.


  • The base is equipped with all necessary facilities to support flight operations, including a control tower, hangars, maintenance facilities, and administrative buildings.
  • The layout typically consists of one or more runways with associated taxiways and aprons where aircraft can be parked, serviced, or prepared for flight.


  • The airfield features a runway that is suitable for the operation of a variety of military aircraft.
  • The exact dimensions and surface composition of the runway are specific to military needs and may be designed to accommodate both jets and propeller aircraft.


  • Lecce Air Base is primarily used for training purposes. It is home to the Italian Air Force’s 61st Wing (61° Stormo), which is responsible for the advanced and lead-in fighter training of military pilots.
  • The base may host various types of military aircraft, including trainers, fighters, and transport aircraft.


  • Historically, the base has seen a variety of aircraft, commonly including trainer aircraft such as the MB-339, used for pilot training.

Role and Importance:

  • The air base plays a crucial role in the defense infrastructure of Italy and is an important site for the training and readiness of Italian military pilots.
  • It may also serve as a staging point for various military operations and exercises.


  • The air base is surrounded by typical Mediterranean landscapes, with olive groves and vineyards in the vicinity, reflecting the agricultural richness of the region.
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