At how many beaufort helicopter can operate?

The bigger the helicopter the more windy conditions it can stand. Turbulence is experienced mostly when flying above mountainous terrain. It is on the pilot to judge the conditions and make the flight or not.

Is the helicopter safe?

I could say it is a lot safer than a car or other vehicle moving on wheels specially on the road.

Where can a helicopter land?

For helicopter flights within Athinai FIR the pilot and operator are solitarily responsible for selecting the area to be used as a landing spot, judging whether the area is situated out of inhabited areas or not, complying to the helicopter’s dimensions and performance restrictions during landing at and take off and of course in respect to the safety of the flight as well as the protection of persons and properties on the ground.

Can helicopter fly at night?

Of course they can and the do. Everywhere in the world except in a couple of countries one of which unfortunately is Greece…

How much luggage can I take in helicopter?

Depends on each helicopter type. Size and weight is very important for the safety of the flight. Sometimes there is space to put the luggage but not weight available. The maximum take off weight of each helicopter is very specific and must never be exceeded in any circumstance. This is the pilot’s responsibility. So when you are asked for your weight or the weight and size of your baggage be sure that this is for the safety of the flight and not to criticize your eating habits 😉

Can I smoke in helicopter?


Should I close mobile phone in the helicopter?

You can use your phone, laptop, camera, send and receive sms. You can do whatever you want to enjoy and share the amazing feeling of the helicopter flight. Unless of course you are otherwise advised by the pilot.

How the manufacturing date of helicopter affects safety?

Helicopters are not maintained like cars. There is a specific maintenance program for each individual helicopter based on every hour not to say minute of operation. Components are checked and changed accordingly. All this is done by certified organizations with very high standards. This is why when you need a helicopter flight you should rent ONLY from helicopter companies that hold an AOC (Air Operators Certificate). In respect to the above be sure that a helicopter is always as new. Of course newer helicopters have more advanced systems.

Can I fly with helicopter outside of Greece?

You can fly anywhere in the world but take into consideration the slow speed and limited endurance of the helicopter. To give you an example, it took me 16 hours for a flight from Rochester UK to Athens Greece with 7 stops to refuel and an average speed of 120kts (222km/h) with a 5seat helicopter.


Is it possible to stay in the helicopter without headphones? What about the sound insulation?

Depending on the helicopter (VIP helicopters have sound proofing cabins) there is no problem if a passenger doesn’t wear the headphones. It is up to the pilot. This practice is not recommended though as it is a safety issue taking into consideration that only through the headphones the pilot can advice the passengers in case of an emergency.

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