Latina Military Airport in Italy(1)

Latina Military Airport, also known as Latina Airport (ICAO: LIRL), is an airport in Italy, primarily used for military purposes. Here’s an overview with some general specifications and location details:


  • Country: Italy
  • Province: Latina
  • Region: Lazio
  • Nearby cities: Located approximately 62 kilometers south of Rome, it’s close to the city of Latina which is the capital of the province of the same name.


  • Usage: Predominantly used by the Italian Air Force and for training purposes.
  • ICAO Code: LIRL
  • Runway(s): The airport typically has one main runway, which is suitable for the aircraft types it serves.
  • Facilities: Being a military facility, it includes hangars, training facilities, and support structures for military operations.
  • Capacity: The airport is equipped to handle military traffic and operations, including the takeoff and landing of various types of military aircraft.

Military airports like Latina usually have restricted access and are equipped with various specialized facilities to support training and operational needs of the armed forces.

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