Kastoria National Airport

Kastoria National Airport (also known as Aristotelis Airport) (IATA: KSO, ICAO: LGKA) is an airport in Argos Orestiko at the regional unit of Kastoria (regional unit), macedonia, Greece.

Kastoria Airport “Aristotelis” operates as civil airport since March 1971, in a distance of 500 m away from the Argos orestiko town and 12 km from the capital of the prefecture, the city of Kastoria.
Its operation began with domestic flights and both handling facilities and the runway were sufficient to service them.
In the late ’80s began to operate the new terminal building area 1000 m. In September 2002 the new runway, measuring 2820 m.x 45 m, was launched, and thus enlisting it among those with international standards, which can service all types of aircraft.
However, the mountainous region makes difficult the connection, especially during the winter

Kastoria Aristotelis Airport in Kastoria, Greece has a runway length of 8852 feet and is suitable for Small props, Small Jets, Medium Jets, Long Range Jets, Regional Airliners and Large Airliners.

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