Day Trip from Santorini to Mykonos by helicopter


Flight duration: 40 min one way + 6 hours on the spot


Fly from Santorini to Mykonos on a 40 minute flight in a helicopter, pick a transport from the airport to your destination in Mykonos and have 5 full hours to experience the island of Mykonos, walk the streets and do your shopping, swim in the magnificent shores of Mykonos and chose weather you’d like to fly to the nearby island of Delos too!

Mykonos also has its traditional side. Whitewashed windmills and small Orthodox churches dot the Cycladic island. Its main town called Chora is one of the most well-preserved traditional villages in Greece. It features stunning whitewashed cubist buildings and bougainvillea lined narrow pathways that are a pleasure to explore or “get lost” in.

Mykonos is a cosmopolitan island of the Aegean sea, one of the most famous European islands during the summer period. Known worldwide for its pelicans, wonderful beaches and crowded bars, it won’t let you down with its countless nightlife options.

Return to Santorini after your tour in Mykonos.

You will fly in a twin engine helicopter Airbus H-355F2 (5-seat capacity)

or with helicopter Airbus H-120 (4-seat capacity)

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If You are 2 or 3, this Sightseeing Tour is also available with our Robinson 44 Helicopter.
SX-HIT, ABI, 13AUG2018
SX-HIT, ABI, 13AUG2018
SX-HIT, ABI, 13AUG2018
SX-HIT, ABI, 13AUG2018
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