Private Helicopter Flight to/from La Plagne


La Plagne

La Plagne is a beautiful place – a plateau surrounded by the great snow covered alpine peaks. You have to say this first because it has a reputation for ugly buildings. True the earlier buildings are what you might call architecturally challenged, if you are not a fan of Le Corbusier and his disciples. But the scenery is wonderful – on the edge of and even in the glorious Parc régionale de la Vanoise where you may see ibex, chamois, golden eagles bearded vultures.

Much of the early part of the resort was built on the principle of the ‘the most people on the least land’ to preserve the ski area, with inevitable architectural consequences. Even so it is ironic that the most controversial building, the giant ‘paquebot’ at Aime La Plagne, built in 1969, has the highest client fidelity score.

You may fly in/out to La Plagne on a private or shared helicopter flight. Helicopter4you specialize in helicopter airport transfers to and from all airports and ski resorts. We work with local helicopter operators and we can provide our clients with the least expensive helicopter transfer for the type of helicopter that you have ultimately decided to travel in.

Indicative prices for popular helicopter destinations out of La Plagne


Flight Time Shared Rate


La Plagne to Chambery

20 min




Chambery to La Plagne

 La Plagne-Helipad-Geneva  EUR  2200 580  Geneva-Helipad-La Plagne
La Plagne-Annecy-Geneva EUR 1800 N/A Geneva-Annecy-La Plagne
 Plagne to Geneva EUR 2250  N/A Geneva to Plagne