Private Helicopter Flight to/from Grenchen

The small town of Grenchen lies at the foot of the Jura between the towns of Solothurn and Biel. Thanks to the watch industry, within the space of 150 years the one-time farming village has grown into a prosperous regional town.

With over 16,000 inhabitants, Grenchen is the second largest town in Canton Solothurn (after Olten and before Solothurn!). The Grenchenberg and the Witi wetland landscape are an invitation to take long walks and the meeting zones in the town centre have traffic-calming measures, an inviting place to stroll.

Many pilots took to the air for the first time here and the regional airfield with its gliding and flying schools is an important national pilot training centre. But Grenchen also has a second international airfield: 33 species of wading birds use the Grenchen Witi as a resting place as they migrate between Northern Europe and their winter habitats in the south.

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