Basel Mulhouse Airport


Airport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg

Basel Airport, otherwise known as Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg Airport, is located Also known as Euro Airport (code EHP) due to it serving Switzerland, France and Germany, but located in France, close to the Swiss border and the city of Basle.

The airport has a terminal divided into a Swiss sector (Basel) and a French sector (Mulhouse) sharing the same runway and plane handling facilities. If you go from one terminal to the other, you are officially crossing the border between the two countries.
Although the airport is entirely within France, the Swiss sector has it’s own car parks and it’s own road system, going directly to Switzerland without crossing any French roads.
As a result the airport is also known as Euro Airport.

Some airlines have check-in desks in both sectors of the terminal while some only have a presence in one sector.

Address: 68304 Saint-Louis, France
Elevation: 270 m
Phone: +33 3 89 90 31 11
Passenger count: 7,888,725
Did you know: Bâle Mulhouse is the seventh-busiest airport in France by total passengers annually (6,519,393).

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