Stapleford Aerodrome, United Kingdom

Stapleford Aerodrome (ICAO: EGSG) is an operational general aviation aerodrome in the Epping Forest district of Essex, England, near the village of Abridge. It is about 3.4 nautical miles (6.3 km; 3.9 mi) south of North Weald Airfield and 4.5 NM (8.3 km; 5.2 mi) north of Romford. The airfield is just within the M25, close to the junction with the M11. It has a runway with a length of 3500 feet that is structured for small props.

Stapleford Aerodrome has a CAA Ordinary Licence (Number P472) that allows flights for the public transport of passengers or for flying instruction as authorised by the licensee (Herts & Essex Aero Club Limited).

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