Istanbul New Airport

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The airport is planned as the largest airport in the world,with a 150 million passenger annual capacity, and was planned due to lack of capacity in the existing airports of Istanbul. It will be the third international airport to be built in Istanbul after Istanbul Atatürk Airport and Sabiha Gökçen International Airport. Atatürk Airport will be closed down once the new airport is operational. As of August 2017, around 61% of the construction of the airport was completed. The commercial opening of the airport will be October 29, 2018.

Istanbul Airport (Istanbul Yeni Havalimanı), which became fully operational in April 2019, has taken over many of the commercial flight operations from what was Istanbul Atatürk Airport. Here’s a detailed description and the specifications of the airport as of my last update:


  • Situated on the European side of Istanbul, in the Arnavutköy district.

Capacity and Size

  • Designed with a capacity to handle 150 million passengers annually, with the potential for expansion to accommodate up to 200 million.
  • The total area of the airport covers around 76.5 million square meters (7650 hectares).


  • The airport has multiple runways, with the plan to have six runways operational when fully complete.
  • A vast terminal building with an architecturally distinctive design, which upon completion of all phases, aims to be the largest terminal under a single roof.
  • State-of-the-art air traffic control tower.
  • Extensive parking facilities, including a multi-story car park.


  • Numerous retail outlets, duty-free shops, and restaurants.
  • Various lounges, including airline and private lounges with amenities for passengers.
  • Conference and business centers.
  • Advanced baggage system capable of handling thousands of bags per hour.
  • Hotels within the airport complex for transit passengers.

Technology and Operations

  • The airport uses cutting-edge technology for security and baggage systems.
  • Fully automated check-in and smart kiosk systems for passenger convenience.
  • Advanced air traffic control systems and equipment.

Environmental Considerations

  • The design includes environmental considerations such as energy efficiency, waste management systems, and noise reduction measures.


  • Accessible via road with connections to major highways.
  • Plans for a high-speed railway line and metro line connections to link the airport with central Istanbul.
  • Dedicated airport shuttles and public buses.


  • Positioned as a major hub for international travel, connecting Europe and Asia.
  • Expected to play a significant role in boosting Turkey’s tourism and economy.


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