Day trips – offered by the seat.

Take advantage of our empty seat program and explore Mykonos and Santorini at a fraction of a cost of a full charter of a day trip.

Share the cost of a helicopter flight and join in one of the flights departing every day at 12:00 and returning at 19:00

You have the option to stay overnight or utilize only one leg of the flight.

Depending on the number of passengers already booked you may fly with the 3seater Robinson R44 click here or with the 4seater

Robinson R66 click here or the 4seater Airbus H120 click here or the 5seater Airbus H-355 N click here or the 6seater Bell 407 click here.

Helicopters will operate from private helipads.

You may find of interest to use our concierge services click here.

Empty seats are available on our sightseeing flights giving one more opportunity to have this great experience with a shared cost.


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