Airbus H-120

Airbus H-120.1
Helicopter details

Manufacturer: Airbus Helicopters
Model: Airbus H-120
Type: Single engine
Category: Light Helicopter
Seating Capacity: 4


Cruise Speed: 125 kts
Max Speed: 151 kts
Range: 770 km
Year: X
Base: X
Luggage space: 0.8 m³

The Eurocopter EC120 Colibri is a four-seat, single-engine, light utility helicopter. The EC120’s Fenestron tail rotor makes it a quiet helicopter. It is able to transport four passengers and energy-absorbing seats make for a comfortable journey. Wide windows provide good visibility. The EC120 has a surprisingly spacious baggage compartment that can hold up to five suitcases.

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