Robinson R44

Helicopter details
  • Manufacturer Robinson-PISTON
  • Model Robinson R44
  • Type Light Single
  • Category Light Helicopter
  • Seating Capacity 3
  • Cruise Speed 110 knt (200 km/h; 130 mph)
  • Max Speed 130 knt (240 km/h; 150 mph)
  • Range 300 nm (560 km; 350 mi)
  • Year 2000
  • Base Santorini
  • Remarks Only hand-luggage

Robinson R44 Details

Robinson 44 provides excellent reliability, responsive handling and altitude performance, making the R44 the ideal helicopter for private, business and utility applications. The R44 comfortable seats, 3 passengers and a pilot, and their views are unobstructed due to R44’s open cabin design.A low-tail rotor tip speed, heavy-duty muffler and large cambered tail decrease flyover noise, resulting in a community-friendly helicopter. R44’s have low environmental impact and performance that allow handling and take off in areas where other helicopters can not have access.

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