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Sightseeing in Bern.


Take flight over Bern, the capital of Switzerland, aboard a sleek, modern helicopter with a knowledgeable captain. Admire the medieval Old City’s snaking waterfront buildings from above, in addition to the meandering Aare, and the stately Federal Palace.

Arrive at the heliport at Bern Airport and meet your pilot, who gives you a brief overview of the flight. Board a comfortable helicopter and take off into the Swiss skies. Soar over Switzerland’s capital city and admire the bird’s-eye views of the historic districts.

This short flight is perfect as an inaugural helicopter experience, or as a celebratory introduction to Bern. Your pilot takes your interests into consideration when planning the route, and points out important landmarks from the air.

20 min. Bern-City flights

Flight over the capital city Bern – Historic Old Town  Aare  Federal House – back to Bern-Belp.

This short flight is particularly suitable as a flight baptism or for children. It is a ideal present, or for yourself to enjoy.

          Duration:     20 min          Price:     max. 5 Pers. 870.00 EUR

30 min. Thun helicopter flight

From the base in Bern-Belp we fly towards Thun, then along the west coast of Lake Thun to Spiez, Faulensee and Interlaken, from where you can enjoy a wonderful view of Lake Thun and Lake Brienz.Then we fly back past Beatenberg, Merligen, Sigriswil, Oberhofen to Bern-Belp. Alternatively, you can select by Justis Valley and Eriz and Konolfingen as a route home.

          Duration:     30 min.          Price:     5 Pers. 1200.00 EUR


45 min. Helicopter flight Jungfraujoch

Along the glittering ribbon of the Aare and the beautiful Justis valley leads the flight to the Eiger North Wall and the Jungfraujoch. About the steep, rugged valley walls of the Lauterbrunnen and the Schilthorn, you fly return to the Lake Thun and the Guerbetal with landing in Bern-Belp.

          Duration:     45 min.          Price:     max. 5 Pers. 1800.00 EUR

50 Min. Jungfrau glacier

Spectacular alpine flight with landing on a glacier and aperitif. We start from Bern-Belp airport to the Thunersee, continuing the flight direction Kiental, between the Blüemlisalp and the Gspaltenhorn to the Petersgrat. In the midst of the glacial gaps, we serve a delicious aperitif with amuses-bouches and prosecco or white wine, with a magnificent view of Mont Blanc and Monte Rosa. On the return flight you fly through the Gasterntal towards Niesen and Stockhorn back to the airport Bern-Belp.

Duration:     50 min.          Price: max. 4 Pers. 1700.00 EUR

60 min. Large alpine flight

In the winter – Bernese Alps flight (and landing in the restaurant)
Fly “On Top Of Europe” and see the famous peaks of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau. Pass the Jungfraujoch and experience the world of the mighty Aletsch glacier in the ice. Landing by a restaurant.

Duration:     50 min.          Price:     max. 5 Pers. 2350.00 EUR

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