Annecy Airport

Annecy Airport (IATA: NCY, ICAO: LFLP), otherwise called Aéroport d’Annecy – Meythet, is an airplane terminal found 3.5 km northwestof Annecy, amongst Meythet and Metz-Tessy. The air terminal is an incredible choice while heading out to Chamonix and is accessible for charter flights and gives amazing access to the French ski resorts in the Alps. The agreeable private lounges permit you to prepare for your flight in solace and it is a hour and 15 minutes drive from the resort. During the ski season, Annecy encounters a considerable measure of air activity, so book well ahead of time. Annecy Airport in Annecy, France has a runway length of 5348 feet and is reasonable for Small props, Small Jets and Regional Airliners.

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