Les Arcs Ski Resort


Les Arcs Ski Resort

One of the leading resorts in the Alps and indeed the world, Les Arcs was created at an all new location above the town of Bourg St Maurice in the late 1960s and was immediately a huge success, building a reputation as one of the cooler resorts in the new wave of Alpine development of the time – a reputation it maintains to this day.

Following the successful French model of maximum convenience in ski resort design, and affordable apartments, Les Arcs was an immediate hit with French and international tourists and again retains its pan-European appeal to this day. There are three original resort bases, which have been given different names over the years but approximately equate to their altitudes – 1600 (the quieter, family-oriented one), 1800 (the main resort for all) and 2000 (the sporty one).

All share one of the world’s biggest ski areas with hundreds of pistes opening up one of the world’s biggest lift-served verticals at more than 2000m and served by an efficient network of high speed lifts – there’s something for all ability levels.

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