Unique Beach Days


Kamari Beach

The most upscale and touristy of the beach towns. The path along the beach is a fun and relaxing place to

stroll in the evening. Lots of places to eat and drink.

Kamari Beach
Perissa Beach2

Perissa Beach

Perissa and Perivolos Beaches are essentially one very long beach that caters to the backpacker crowd and

party scene (beach style, not clubs) but still has a wide range of accommodations and restaurants.

Perissa Beach1
Red Beach2

Red Beach

The pebbly sand here is red and the backdrop is stunning. There’s not a lot here besides the unique scenery

(though ancient Akrotiri is 5 minutes away and definitely worth a visit in its own right).

Red Beach1

Monolithos Beach

Monolithos Beach (a few km north of Kamari) has the nicest sand and most family-friendly beach on Santorini

(unlike other beaches you can make sandcastles here). Very quiet with a small collection of hotels and restaurants.


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