Hydra Island Summer Operations

Hydra, built in the shape of an amphitheatre on a slope overlooking the Argosaronic gulf, is a real gem of the Saronic Gulf, one of the most romantic destinations in Greece.

Traditional stone mansions, narrow cobblestoned streets, quiet squares and, most important, the banning of cars explain the reason why Hydra maintained its distinctive atmosphere through the passage of time. It stands alone among the Greek islands as the only one car-free island! No cars and scooters are permitted in the island. Mules and donkeys are the main means of heavy transport and they, along with the rural aspects of life on the island, give Hydra its two faces: chic and earthy.

The island experienced great economic growth in the past, thanks to its great naval and commercial activity. The Hydriots contributed extensively also to the 1821 War of Independence as their powerful fleet participated in crucial sea battles. It is rather impressive the fact that such a tiny island is the birthplace of five Greek Prime Ministers! Artists (Brice Marden, Nikos Chatzikyriakos-Ghikas, Panayiotis Tetsis), musicians (Leonard Cohen), actors and celebrities (Melina Mercouri, Sophia Loren), but also travelers (like you) have all been drawn to Hydra over the years. So in addition to the island’s exquisitely preserved stone architecture, criss-crossing rural paths and clear, deep waters, you can find quality tourist services as well.

Hydra is also a yachting paradise, as every summer groups of sailing boats moor at the harbor, where they are joined by dozens of sensational motorboats and yachts. It’s worth mentioning that Hydra became famous all over the world thanks to the film “Boy on a Dolphin”, shot on the island in 1957 with Sophia Loren leading the starring role.

Helicopter charter services to Hydra island

Hydra island is accessible by ferry/flying dolphin from the port of Piraeus in about 1.5 – 2 hours.

If, however, you wish to save time and reach the island in just a few minutes, Greek airtaxi netowrk’s entire fleet of helicopters is at your disposal. Fly from Athens to Hydra in less than 30 min..! Choose among the twin engine 5seater AS355 helicopter or the twin engine Agusta A109with 6 passengers capacity. You can also fly to Hydra from Mykonos island with our vip helicopter EC135 (6 seats) or from Santorini and Crete. Simply contact us and we’ll take care of your travel requirements!

Island Safari with a helicopter!

Explore the Saronic islands in just one day by helicopter! Fly from Athens to Aegina, Poros, Hydra and Spetses islands and discover the hidden gems of the Saronic gulf in just one day.

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