Mykonos – Delos – Paros – Ios – Santorini – Naxos – Mykonos


Unforgettable experience to see with the birds eye some of the most beautiful islands of Cyclades in a single flight.

Our full day experiences, half day tours and amazing scenic flights have all been created with one thing in mind – to offer an unforgettable experience to every customer that flies with us. This panoramic helicopter tour takes you to six beautiful Cycladic islands.  From above you’ll bask in the breathtaking views of the islands. This special  sightseeing flight package is designed for those that want to discover many of the Greek Islands.

Delos: From above this tiny island you’ll look down on the birthplace of two ancient Gods, Artemis and Apollo. Its ruins once made up a spectacular ancient Greek city.

Paros:   Known cosmopolitan island with whitewashed architecture, rocky and sandy beaches, seas perfect for windsurfers and beautiful ports and villages.

Ios: Ios embodies that classic Greek island ambiance—hillside clusters of blue-roofed white buildings, an amphitheater, golden beaches that spill into the sapphire sea.

Santorini: Santorini’s multicolored cliffs dramatically drop into the blue of the Aegean where a unique sea-drowned caldera remains.  You will see it from the sky.

Naxos: The Portara or the door to nowhere, a giant ancient marble door frame centered on its own islet, is a sight to see from land. Imagine what it looks like from above.

You will fly in a twin engine helicopter Airbus H-355F2 (5-seat capacity) or with helicopter Airbus H-120 (4-seat capacity)

Flight duration: 85 min | Price: exclusive heli use 2890€ / per seat 725€ (min 4 pax)

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