Santorini – Koufonisia – Schoinoussa – Irakleia – Santorini

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Koufonisia – Schoinoussa – Irakleia

Flight duration: 50 min

This sightseeing helicopter flight will allow you to explore five Cycladic islands in one day. After helicopter departs from the base in Santorini, you will head to Koufonissia –  island which is famous for its exotic charm. Koufonissia is made up of two isles which have been inhabited since prehistoric times and were centers of the Cycladic Civilazation. From the comfort of your helicopter seat you will get a bird’s eye view of Chora, the island’s only official settlement, a typical Cycladic fishing village with whitewashed houses and picturesque passages around the port.

Next, helicopter will fly to the island of Schinoussa which is tucked away between the isles of Iraklia and Koufonissia, off the southeastern coast of Naxos which promises its visitors unique experiences in the surrounding expanse of turquoise and deep blue waters, romantic sunsets, exciting hiking trails and unforgettable gastronomic highlights.The island has no public transport facilities, which ads to its picturesque character.

After helicopter will fly over the island of Irakleia, which features an impressive mountain  massif and excellent beaches. Irakleia is the largest yet one of the least populated islands of the small Cyclades.

You will fly in a twin engine helicopter Airbus H-355F2 (5-seat capacity) or with helicopter Airbus H-120 (4-seat capacity)

Flight duration: 50 min | Price: exclusive helicopter use 1850€ / per seat 465€ (min 4pax)

If You are 2 or 3, this Sightseeing Tour is also available with our Robinson 44 Helicopter.
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