Classical Greece, Ancient Epidaurus

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Do not miss one ride to the most important sightseeing in Greece!

Your sightseeing flight will take off from General Aviation Terminal at  El. Venizelos airport.

The route of this flight is the following:

Athens international Airport-Olympic Stadium- Lycabettus hill- Acropolis-Monastiraki- Port Piraeus-Epidaurus-Aegina Temple of Afea-Athens int.

Private Helicopter Use
2730 EUR

Semi-Private Helicopter use
680 EUR (min 4 pax)


Ancient Epidaurus

Get the feeling of Ancient Greece with a sightseeing flight above Athens and Epidaurus.

Flight Duration: 1 hour 10 min

Admire from a bird’s eye view the famous all over the world, the ancient theater of Epidaurus, seats up 14.000 guests even nowadays.Remarkable for its excellent acoustic and built at 4th century BC, this location will take you back to time, at the acme of ancient Greece.After your sightseeing tour around historical Athens, your helicopter will fly you to ancient Epidaurus.

On your way there, you will have the chance to see from a panoramic view the Aegina Island, with the famous temple of Aphaia, standing in a perfect condition since ancient times of Greece, in a hill above the sea of Saronic golf.

The Sanctuary of Asclepius at Epidaurus was added to the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites in 1988, as it represents one of the most important archaeological findings in Greece. The theater of Epidaurus, the main theme of this panoramic flight, was designed to complete the therapeutically cause of the area, which is to harmonize the body the mind and the soul.


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