AW 109 Grand


AW 109 Grand Twin-Engine Helicopter Specifications

  • Engine Configuration: Twin-engine, ensuring enhanced performance and reliability.
  • Certification: Certified in Category A and qualified for Class 1 performance operations.
  • Flight Readiness: Fully equipped for both night and instrumental flight conditions.
  • Maximum Take-Off Weight: 3,175 kg, offering a strong load capacity for passengers and cargo.
  • Maximum Cruise Speed: 287 km/hour, highlighting its capability for fast and efficient travel.
  • Crew Flexibility: Operable with either 1 or 2 pilots, adaptable for various mission requirements.
  • Passenger Comfort: Features a VIP layout with 6 passenger seats, designed for luxury and superior comfort.

The AW 109 Grand exemplifies a blend of high performance, safety, and luxury, making it a preferred choice in the twin-engine helicopter category.

  • The AW 109 Grand Twin-Engine Helicopter is a pinnacle of aerial sophistication and reliability, featuring a twin-engine design that enhances both performance and safety. It boasts advanced certification, meeting Category A standards and approval for Class 1 operations, which underscores its capability to handle a range of flying conditions, including night and instrumental flights. Designed to accommodate significant load and achieve high speeds, it is ideal for efficient and swift travel. The helicopter offers flexible crewing options, being operable with either one or two pilots, catering to various operational needs. Emphasizing comfort and style, it also features a luxurious VIP seating arrangement for six passengers, making it a top choice for high-end aviation requirements. The AW 109 Grand thus melds technical excellence with luxury, making it an exemplary model in the realm of sophisticated aviation.