Airbus H-135

Airbus H-135.1
Helicopter details

Manufacturer: Airbus Helicopters
Model: Airbus H-135
Type: Twin engine
Category: Light Helicopter
Seating Capacity: 5


Cruise Speed: 137 kts
Max Speed: 140 kts
Range: 620 km
Year: X
Base: X
Luggage space: 0.95 m³

The EC-135 is a large twin-engine helicopter that can carry six passengers and their baggage, including golf clubs and skis. It has large sliding doors for easy passenger access and rear clamshell doors for convenient loading of baggage. The executive configuration provides space for up to five passengers in the cabin or six with a single pilot.

One of Airbus’ most successful light aircraft, the H135 is known for its high endurance, compact build, low sound levels, reliability, versatility and cost-competitiveness. This twin-engine helicopter can perform many different missions, landing almost anywhere, particularly high and hot, while carrying more payload over longer distances than other rotorcraft in its category.