Unlimited Service.

Our specialty trained, multi-lingual professionals provide superior follow up and follow through, while creating a truly personalized client experience.

Unlimited Resources.

Our long-standing, dedicated national and international partners appreciate the art of client service, enabling us to make all the “impossibles” possible.

Unlimited Possibilities.

Across every industry, company and individual, we provide immeasurable value that no amount of research, phone calls or keystrokes can accomplish alone.


Deep-rooted local, national and international resources along with 30 years of combined hospitality experience enable us to act efficiently and effectively to exceed our clients’ expectations and make the “impossibles” possible.


Our professionals undergo comprehensive corporate and private concierge training, in addition to industry-specific training. Our internal team provides hand-on assistance, seamlessly handling administrative responsibilities.


With over 3 decades of unwavering relationships with Fortune 500 firms, boutique agencies, luxury residential developers and distinguished clientele, CUI has been recognized by CNN, American Express and international dignitaries.