Save the Planet Save Money Too!

Reduce your carbon footprint from your private jet/helicopter travel.

Back in 2013, we established the empty leg utilization on the private jet and helicopter flight. The objective was to utilize the positioning – repositioning flights of the chartered airplanes and helicopters.

When there is a booked flight from a location A to the location B (leg 1), the aircraft needs to flight back to its base (empty leg). The utilization of those empty flights by booking the empty legs results in a significant reduction of fuel that would be wasted in case of booking a separate flight and thus entail a significant reduction of our carbon footprint.

An improvement of this proven work concept is the use of our “empty seats” program.

We are offering the extremely low prices of the empty legs divided by the number of the available empty seats.

You still have the option to enjoy the privacy by booking the empty leg or share the flight and pay per seat.

Empty seats are available on empty legs and on original flights with the approval of the booking client.

We also take the initiative to organize on a seasonal basis click here flights where passengers can join the flight paying per seat.

Although there are many benefits click here when booking an empty leg or an empty seat click here you should take seriously into consideration that those reservations are connected with the original flight and there can be a delay or even a cancellation.

Our wonderful travel advisors are available 24/7 to discuss with you details of this program and assist you in your effort to save the planet and benefit from the reduced cost on your private jet tor helicopter flights.



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