Useful Tips for Helicopter Flights

Winter is already arrived. That means Ski Resorts have opened their slopes for the ski-lovers. People are looking to spend perfect time in Alps, France, Greece and other winter destinations….  But also that means difficult weather, like snow, fog, rain ….

This is important to know that helicopters are flying in any weather, even if it is cold and windy, rainy or foggy that will not ground your flight. The outside temperature has no effect on helicopter flight conditions. Passengers will feel comfortable in the cabin since the helicopter is equipped with heating system.
Helicopter company may be forced to reschedule or to cancel  your flight in some really “hard” weather conditions, as: dense fog, very low clouds, poor visibility, rain and lightning, strong wind, or heavy rain or snow. Under these conditions the flight can be dangerous.

Since the passengers’s safety  and comfort are top priority, here are some useful tips for the Helicopter Flights:

> You will be asked for a proof of identity before the flight.(Kindly check with your agent if you need visa or any kind      of permission to arrive to your destination)
> It is necessary arrive to the airport/heliport/helipad at least 30 min before the flight for the boarding and luggage        formalities.
> All of our operators have a certification.
> For your safety reasons, weather conditions can postpone or reschedule your flight.
Also you can find useful information for the luggage allowance HERE  and for the “must have” documents please read article HERE
Helicopter4you Team wishes you a pleasant flight…

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