The islands and beaches are indeed magical but so are the winter landscapes. Greece is a year round tourist destination thanks to its breathtaking mountains, inland villages and ski resorts. Through GATN winter tours you can discover a side of Greece that is truly off the beaten path!

Did you know Greece is a mountainous country? Mt. Olympus is its highest peak, rising 2,917 meters above sea level. Located between Thessaly and Macedonia, Mt. Olympus was the mythical home of the Greek gods. Today, it’s not only the glorious setting for Greek myths; it’s a great destination for hiking and skiing that is very accessible and worth the trip.

Book a Heliskiing tour through the Greek Air Taxi Network to experience an adventurous, fun and unique time in the Greek mountains. Besides our heliskiing operations we also offer a wide range of winter adventures. Get back to nature and explore our various offers, you are guaranteed to discover a Greece you didn’t know that existed. On our trips, all the members of your family will enjoy a wide range of activities. You can forget about the hassle of organizing your perfect snow trip, we will do it for you. Looking to go beyond the Greek ski resorts,

Europe’s finest ski destinations are only a couple of hours away. Our Lear Jet 35 is ready and equipped to take you for an unforgettable ski holiday that you deserve.